The Importance of Mothers 🤱

The Importance of Mothers 🤱

Becoming a mother can feel like a back-breaking burden, with exhaustion that does not let up and a never-ending to-do list. It is an experience that forces us to re-evaluate and begin to truly appreciate what our own mothers have done for us.

It can be cliche to hear that no one can replace a mother, but truly, there is no other individual that can take her place, especially a mother who will pray for and love you unconditionally. When a mother gives her greatest efforts towards her children, these children will then be considered her “good deeds” and a source of pride and comfort for her.

A great reminder for mothers, when the day feels like it will never end, is to recall the words of the 6th Imām. A man approached Imām Jaʿfar aṣ-Ṣādiq (ʿa) complaining about his mother, frustrated at how she treats him, claiming she was not a part of the faithful. The Imām scolded him saying, “Are you not ashamed? You cannot treat your mother with anything but respect, because wherever a mother walks, the secret garden of paradise is laid beneath her feet.”

There are five invaluable & irreplaceable blessings that exist while a mother lives:

  1. The secret garden of paradise is beneath a mother’s feet
  2. Your prayers are answered quickly due to your mother
  3. Unexpected troubles do not come your way
  4. A favorable end result for children is due to their mother
  5. All the blessings and sustenance (rizq) of this world are bestowed on you because of your mother

If you want the blessings of this world, it is through your mother, if you want the blessings of the Ākhirah it is through your mother, and if you want bad things to stay away from you it is through the blessing of your mother.

Losing one’s mother is a great loss. After the death of the mother of Prophet Mūsā (ʿa), he cried “O Allah, Ya Allah, what am I to do with this loss!!!” The companions tried to console Nabi Musa and said; “O Prophet of God, your mother was ill and very aged, she was near to death any way”. Prophet Mūsā (ʿa) wept and said, “I am crying for my own loss; You do not realize that I have lost my treasure.”

A loving mother is an invaluable treasure that we may never truly value until they are gone.

Let us recite Sūrah al-Fātiḥah for all the beloved mothers who have passed away.